Part 2 of Interview with Derrel Sims:

Will people be able to watch any videos or shows that you are on that goes into any of this?

We are working on a TV program. The virus of course is slowing everything down. One of the first sets of shows will be on implants. I have appeared on other shows. I also have appeared at different conferences, as well as on radio/video for podcasts and shows, including Fade to Black, The Leak Project and many others.

How do you use hypnotic anesthesia therapy in this work?

I have certification as a Hypnotic Anesthesia Therapist. In surgery, little to no general or local anesthesia is used. It is reported people who have used it can heal three to five times faster. I also have helped people who need emergency surgery after accidents, etc.

Some people claim aliens are all good, and do nothing bad to people or places.

That is patently an incorrect assessment. The fact is that the alien does simply what they're told to do. If they're instructed to mutilate you or a cow they will. If they're told to treat you kind and give you a little education, make you think you're special, unique and different in the universe, they will.

I think one of the big things that people miss is the fact the alien, wherever he is from, has come a long long way to find you. I'm sure they call you something little better than pond scum. There's an ancient saying that says you're created wonderfully. The fact is someone's come a long long way to get what you have because they don't have it. That makes you pretty unique in my opinion.

Are people still being abducted, or are these beings using another method to study them?

They are being taken, nothing has changed. Most of the time we look at the proof or evidence but don't ask the right questions. We assume it's a medical experiment because it appears to be medical based so therefore it must be, they rarely do anything that obvious. They're never going to tell you what they are exactly up to. Most of the time when you do learn something it's a red herring.

What happens to people when they have been taken?

80% of the people that claim abduction experiences never leave the area. Their events appear to be manipulative and mental. 20% of them they were actually taken somewhere and there's usually good evidence that they've been taken.

Can you tell me some examples of bad things that happen to people or places you have encountered?

Certainly can and I assure you the stuff I could show you is not on the Internet, certain kinds of horrific mutilations of humans and certain kinds of animals. Of course the detractors will say no, that's the CIA doing something weird. The problem is some of my cases go back to the 1800s.

I’ve heard things about people being mutilated, etc. Where are these things happening, here in the US or elsewhere?

Generally speaking, mutilations occur with animals in the USA. I do have cases where two children were dead as a result of their abduction events. These children were brutalized before they ever got back to planet earth so to speak. The mother was abducted at the same time and could hear her children screaming in the other room. I have about a half dozen cases of mutilated people that are not on the Internet. Some are in South America and a few are in America. We have animals that were mutilated inside cages that were locked. There are other cases of mutilations I have historically documented as far back as 1800s.

What about marks people find?

Marks appear in the infrared, ultraviolet and visible light spectrum. This is usually from people taken in these events, the 20% so to speak. Many people assume these are scientific experiments being carried out on the abductees. When you examine the evidence carefully you'll find that it is closer to mutilation, than scientific or medical experiments.

We hear about removing eggs in women, implants, experiments etc. What can you tell us, and is this still happening?

We have several cases of women who have been impregnated that we can literally point out as true. We also have sonograms of an alien fetus inside a woman. This was reviewed by two doctors in one of the best field hospitals in England.

Derrel Sims...

One of the most interesting cases we have is five nurses in a major hospital in Houston, Texas, who all became pregnant fifteen years ago, in a controlled setting with only women present in the room, and the comatose lesbian patient became pregnant as well. The camera remarkably went off during this time when this event occurred in this controlled environment. This is one of a series of cases we have that indicate the story is true.

Besides help with researching implants, were you ever part of NIDS, like some of the researchers?

Some of the scientists are known by me and are friends. I presented with Dr. Roger Leir to NIDS’ 18 scientists. We were the only research project of UFO work they 100% wanted to fund. This was the $22,000 study on implants at Los Alamos and New Mexico Tech. I have not been a part of NIDS research. I met Bob Bigelow years ago numerous times and like him very much. Bigelow said to me, you should be funded full time. I am not a member of MUFON or other organizations as no one pulls my chain. I am owned by no one.

What should someone do if they think they have any implants?

Don’t be concerned, implantation is extremely rare, people should be aware of this. There's a lot of Internet hype that goes on out there that absolutely is untrue. Get an x-ray of the affected area. Do not mention aliens or implants, just simply say you bumped the area, and you want to see if everything is okay. Go to the chiropractor as they have an x-ray machine.

I’ve been involved with 25 surgical interventions in the United States all the way to India. Everything we remove does not turn out to be alien oriented.

Are people still finding implants in their bodies now? Have they changed?

Yes, we’re still finding them.

  1. If these objects are alien in origin, there will be no chronic or acute inflammatory cells around the object.
  2. There will be nerve cells in attendance, present and inappropriate to the affected area.
  3. Biological Implants, biological and almost absent of discernible technology unless you know exactly what you’re looking for; you will be looking for a mini-brain. In other words, CNS (central nervous system) cells in a location where they should not be.
  4. The metallic/plastic/ceramic implants under current study are passé, from fifteen to fifty years old and out of date.

In Brazil, an object was found in a lady’s front right hemisphere in 1984. In 1990 it was found in the left hemisphere. The right one had been taken out. In 1996, the aliens took the left implant out and it appeared in a scan in its place. There was scarring at the removal site. No medical explanation accounts for these finds. The doctors were mystified.

You have mentioned you are trying to analyze implants in situ now, and not just analyzing them after they are removed? Can you tell me about that?

We want to do some special testing with implants in situ and removed. We want to do this in a scholarly setting in a university. We want to ping them to see if anything gets turned on or signaled, so to speak. There is a whole series of tests that I want to conduct under that kind of setting. Right now that's not going to be possible, but in the future I think it will be.

What is an alien implant?

By my definition, an Alien Implant is: An implanted device or installed neurochemical or action potential process whereby the alien entity source, in some reflective way, leaves a signature available for acceptable medical, psychological, and/or scientific interpretative process. That signature will have actual and even profound clarity when discovered.

Derrel Sims

Alien implants have only one use, to carry or to deliver a message and/or resulting phenomenon either continuously or short term through DNA, the reproductive system, and when needed, to a cell such as one in the Central Nervous System and activated by one or more of the five senses.

In the Newtonian world, the definition is correct. In the Quantum world, it is reasonable to assume that is highly likely correct. Additionally, the Quantum realm will question how the devise got here, that its function may be invisible (ie, a neurotransmitter), a signature or it may be a behavior.

Invisible Implants:

Invisible Implants are “messengers” that affect the transmission of neurochemistry, other action potential processes which may activate memory, events, false memories or other “suggestions.” Therefore they seemingly, affect the psychological and physical health of an abductee in a variety of symptomatic ways.

If the implant is electronic, chemical or thought induced, it is invisible. In the case of electronic memory or memory that is simply electric, the encoding (or method of transfer over the synapses) is electrical/chemical.

When an alien sends his message or thoughts, it is believed to be only electrical, since we do not know the complete mechanism of this method, it is however, mind to mind. If he injects you via syringe, it can be electro/chemical.The tech to me is not mechanical in its system. It seems to be a series of things, most of which bespeaks of biotech, perhaps genetic fluorescent markings.

Visible Implants:

Would it make it more palatable if we could understand why the aliens does what they do or act as they act? When one studies the tasks and apparent functions and structure of the entity, one might seize upon some new ideas as to his needs or drives. Would that help us to determine what his procedures are about? Perhaps it would be even more helpful to understand our own world(s), the Newtonian World and the Quantum World.

We all know a lot about the Newtonian world, this is where we have lived for centuries. We all learned in school that a circle is 360 degrees and that the atom looks a lot like a mini-solar system with all these little electrons spinning around the center of the nucleus.

So, what is new about that and what does it have to do with alien actions and abductee outcomes? Well, for one thing, the physics of the quantum world will tell you something different…that the circle is 720 degrees to go around it one time and that the atom appears to be a cloud if you look at it directly. If you look at it indirectly (and you actually could see the atom), you would notice it has movement and particles. The cloud symbolizes the atom’s positions in potentia, in other words, all the atoms locations at one time. Now you have two views, and they are both correct and so is the one from the Newtonian world. Knowledge of this forces one to look at usual things and “alien things” differently and in a more expansive way. It will require both worlds of thoughts to explain (even in part) the intention of the nefarious procedures and implantations by the entities.

Observable Creator Universe

It was long believed that the observers of an experiment would be the scientist who was dispassionate and apart from the experiment. We now know that this is not true. It seems that the universe is an observer-affected reality. What might that tell us about ourselves, our Creator, and about the alien? Einstein observed that the mind that created the problem cannot solve it. I think this is true in a number of ways and directly related to this subject.

The Uncertainty Principle

So we see that both answers are correct. The one on a quantum level is a correct answer, on the other hand, in the Newtonian or the big world, the answers there are also correct.

Have you seen a variation in the types of implants that have been removed?

Probably the most surprising thing is the difference in the objects overall. The most common is spherical like objects ranging from the size of a BB to the size of a pinhead. The startling thing about these objects is the fact that many of them don't resemble each other at all, other than the sphere type objects. The overall make up of the subjects are as different and wide ranging from material that appears to be plastic-like, to rare meteorite composition in needle-like configurations.


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