Unidentified flying objects have been known by various names throughout the years. Saucer, flying saucer, disk, bogey, foo-fighter, orb, tic-tac, craft, extra-terrestrial craft, silver bug, and more. The USG has adopted the UK term of "UAP" - Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. It seems there are some other terms also tossed around.

From Earth's earliest history, people have seen things they could not explain. People of ancient times seem to have been well grounded in heavenly events. They could mark solstices and various phenomena, for year to year events. All of this was necessary to their survival, being able to track animals, collect berries or anticipate weather changes. We know some of it was attached to religious experiences, but maybe there was more, maybe they were anticipating the return of Star People. Indigenous people around the world have various oral traditions about such things, whatever they call "them," whether as "gods" or other terms.

There have been various forms of art through history that have dropped clues about something going on in the sky, about craft, about events and creatures. People point to references in various religions' scriptures and writings. We surely have lost a lot of documents in fires, and likely hidden in such places as the Vatican, or other deeply-guarded libraries and warehouses around the world. Evidence has likely been destroyed in the name of religion or cults, or through some type of ritual.

I cannot imagine what it used to be like hundreds or thousands of years ago, to look up into the night skies and see what was visible at that time, without buildings, lights, satellites, planes and more. It is great that Sky Hub has created a way for people to easily have a way to track what is going on around their homes or buildings, but it is sad we do not have the view we had just a couple of years ago, let alone decades ago.

So, we will continue to chase UAPs through the skies, through our countries, and through this blog. I will go over various types of craft, craft crashes and reported crash landings. I will have a list of such things on this website and try to update it with cases. I may even drop a few hints along the way.


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