I am going to address the Wilson-Davis Documents, to not do that would be to ignore the obvious.

The talk about the WD docs has been floating and pouring through Imgur, Reddit and #UFOTwitter online. I am not going into detail about the history, the dates involved, the people involved in the article, and more. The documents have become a football game, being tossed about by the "top tier" of ufologists and ufo historians, then the people who are below those who have done a lot over the years, and so on, trying to set their place in history - whatever that may become at this point. There are experts on the topics of government security, defense companies and more, that adds in more data that helps to sift through the issues going on. That gives a balance. There are many researchers that dig deep into the UAP-UFO topic, government and defense contractor issues. These are generally behind-the-scenes people. I count myself in this category.

I highly recommend you read posts on Richard Dolan's website, and watch the Wilson-Davis videos on Richard's YouTube channel. There are so many related websites and YouTube sites with information, including Grant Cameron, Project Unity, Dr. Steven Greer, UFOJoe, Silva Record and many many more. The Wilson-Davis documents are on Imgur and are linked to many of the listed sites here.

My comments at this time:

I do have deep research on the roots of this document. I have a lot of research into EG&G - I am a former employee of an EG&G division, I know the culture, etc. I have discovered some very interesting information on a maze of things. I have research into one specific defense company that is deeply involved in the issue, one that people haven't found -- some know, and it isn't Wilson's current company.

In order to understand a lot of terms and processes involved with this document, on SAPs and other intelligence/defense projects, you really should start with many books, but Philip Corso's book is important to read to understand the process of government to defense/tech company for development, research, and secrecy. This is the believed beginning after Roswell as to when these special access programs began, how the secrecy created "stovepiping" situations, where each one was contained and different people involved, a maze of people and projects. Reading Richard Dolan's two books on the national security state are also important reads.

Special Access Program (SAP)

A program established for a specific class of classified information that imposes safeguarding and access requirements that exceed those normally required for information at the same classification level (EO 12958).

I have mixed feelings about the documents. I believe the documents are valid. I believe there are important details in the documents. I don't agree with everything in the document as being valid, and there are likely reasons for those comments. Acknowledging craft is important, stating what it does about abductions isn't valid. So, who knows?

My concerns with the articles and some of the social media comments:

  1. I don't like people calling Wilson or Davis, or others involved "liar." It is wrong.
  2. Intel people do have to lie for their jobs, mislead, cover etc.
  3. I have concerns over the motives for some people running after Wilson, trying to prove him wrong in stating he knows nothing about the documents. In the document itself, Wilson allegedly says if confronted about the meeting etc., he will deny. He was trying to get access to a SAP that didn't directly give him access, even with his position. I am not clear on what people want to happen to him. I have asked several times with no answers.
  4. I have viewed many videos of Eric Davis, PhD. A recent video he did with the New York Times YouTube Channel's "The Basement Office" did give different body language and tells than other videos I have watched. I find many things about that interview curious.
In the end, I believe the goal should be to have the truth about the craft, abductions, and other information revealed. There are many issues and problems involved with SAPs, and unacknowledged SAPs that feed the cycle of secrecy and problems surrounding it. There are many personalities all claiming to be right, some using this to climb credibility staircase. There are journalists of various types who are giving information to the individuals, who are watching what is going on, some are very critical. We are told a New York Times Post is in process for publication. We will see. Even if a publication on this is made, I'm not hopeful as to what it will include - especially since UFO-UAP people can't speak out a goal for this.

I am deep diving the defense contractors under the surface, the archive documents on the underground maze etc. I have given clues and tips and I will just do what I do, deep research.


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